23-year-old stabs his unemployed, drunkard brother 14 times.

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Youth StabbedAccording to the Mulund police officials, Vinay Yadav held a grudge against the victim, his elder brother Udayraj Yadav, and repeatedly stabbed him on Saturday night around 9.45 pm. Authorities said that Udayraj was unemployed and would often get drunk and assault his family members, causing much resentment in the family.

The police officials said that the incident occurred when no one was at home, as the eldest brother and father had gone out for some work whereas their mother stayed in Uttar Pradesh. Assistant Police Inspector Pandarinath Patil, Mulund police station, said, “Vinay locked the room from the inside and then stabbed Udayraj 14 times. It was only when their eldest brother Abhay Raj reached home and saw that the door was locked and that Vinay refused to come out that he called the police for help.”

After much coaxing, the Mulund police got Vinay to open the door after which Udayraj was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead on arrival. The authorities said that the victim being unemployed used to sit in the house and harass the rest of the family members and order them to do his bidding and failing to do so would often result in violence. Patil added, “Udayraj would often assault his family members and kept asking Vinay for money and spend it on alcohol, which did not go down well with Vinay.”

The entire incident has left the family in shock. Abhay Raj, the eldest brother, said, “The atmosphere at home was tense owing to Udayraj’s drinking and demands but I did not realise that Vinay held such resentment against him that it would force him to take this drastic step.” On Sunday, Udayraj’s body was taken to Rajawadi hospital for a post-mortem and the accused, Vinay, has been booked under IPC section 302 (punishment for murder). He has been remanded to police custody till May 24.

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