Capt. Krithi I.R Shetty–The First Bunt Lady Commander

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Mumbai, May.11: Capt. Krithi I.R Shetty, Daughter of Inna Baggara Guthu CA I.R Shetty and Kodial Guthu Kavita Shetty has become a commander on the Airbus320, with Indigo Airlines on the 3rd May, 2013. She is the first lady commander in the bunt community and one among the very few young lady commanders in the country/world.

Capt. Krithi had the honor to be presented with ‘Four Stripe Aplets’, the identity of a commander by examiner Indigo Airline, Capt. S.K. Bhalla.

Krithi was a CPL (Commercial Pilot License) holder at the age of 19 after being trained on single engine and multy engine aircrafts in India, Australia and America. After which she was immediately appointed as Co-Pilot and within a short period of 5 years she progressed to become a commander on A320. This is really a commendable and definitely requires a blend of dedication, focus, skill and intelligence. She being academically brilliant is also a post graduate in Commerce (M.Com) from NM College.

CA I.R Shetty is one of the advisory board members of Kannada Patrakarara Sangh.

The President, office bearers and advisory board members of The Kannada Patrakarara Sangh congratulated Capt.Krithi Shetty and wished her all the success.

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