Scholarship for Mumbai student Nadeem Shaikh

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After MiD DAY’s report on Nadeem Shaikh, who has refused assistance for his HSC boards, even if it means using his feet to write his exams, Australia-resident  Muhsin Ahmad Dadarkar offered him a scholarship of Rs 2,500 per month.

On February 28, MiD DAY reported that the Jogeshwari student, who failed two subjects last year, is attempting the HSC examinations for the second time this year. Dadarkar wrote to MiD DAY offering the boy a scholarship in his late father’s name. Just like Shaikh, Dadarkar’s father had also pursued his degree from  Ismail Yusuf College before he left for the UK for his PhD.  In 1950, he returned to his alma mater in Mumbai as a lecturer. After he retired in 1970, he became the head of the Arabic and Persian departments at the Bombay University where he worked until around 1980.

Dadarkar, who now lives in Sydney, was also a student at the same college from 1966 to 1972 and passed his MA degree exam from there. He wishes to offer Shaikh   the token amount for his efforts to pursue his graduate degree from Ismail Yusuf College. Dadarkar writes, “I will increase this scholarship to Rs 5,000 per month.

Source : Mid-day

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