Lokayukta comes to the aid of visually challenged woman

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Jamuna has struggled to get a decent job despite being qualified

Despite being qualified, 38-year-old Jamuna, who is visually challenged, has struggled to get a decent job. On Tuesday, the Lokayukta came to her rescue by providing her a computer to take up a data entry job and also arranged for monthly pension that she is entitled to from the government.

The story of Ms. Jamuna is one of grit and determination. The daughter of a flower vendor on Magadi Road, Ms. Jamuna was born blind. While her father passed away when she was young, her mother, Kamala, now 70, brought her up by selling flowers.

Ms. Jamuna’s brother and sister-in-law are also visually challenged. While the family struggled to make ends meet, Ms. Jamuna decided to study. She completed MA in Sociology from Bangalore University in 2012, has a Bachelor of Education in English from the University of Mysore as well as Diploma in Telephone Operator and Diploma in Teaching for the Visually Impaired. However, Ms. Jamuna was still unable to land a job. After running from pillar to post with her degree certificates, she finally approached the Lokayukta seeking help.

Moved by Ms. Jamuna’s plight, Lokayukta Y. Bhaskar Rao bought her a computer and asked her to start a data entry job for immediate relief. He approached the department concerned and arranged for her monthly pension.

Ms. Jamuna, along with her mother, visited the Lokayukta’s office on Tuesday to thank Mr. Rao.
(The Hindu)

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