Modi will flee the day his divisive politics stops: Rahul Gandhi

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Kolkata: BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has a lot of anger and he would flee the day his divisive politics stopped working, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has claimed.

“I want to say that the day this divisive politics stops working Modi will flee the scene as his tricks will not work. Abusing other leaders is not a sign of a true leader,” he told an election meeting here today.

“Modi ji has a lot of anger in him. Whenever he speaks, anger comes out. Actually this anger is a sign of inner fear and hatred for others. If you look at Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore they were fearless persons,” he said.

“Fear, hatred and ego is not the sign of a leader. Dividing communities and spreading hatred is not a sign of a leader. A leader is that person who gives patient hearing to others and spreads the message of love and brotherhood,” Gandhi said.

He also alleged that the Gujarat’s model of development was only putting all the nation’s resources in the hands of two three industrialists.

“Our model of development is a model of inclusive growth where both the poor, big and small entrepreneurs will develop at a same time,” said Rahul.

“But Modiji’s Gujarat development is about giving all the resources, land and other facilities of the state in the hands of two or three industrialists. Looting the resources of the poor and giving it to the rich is Modi ji’s model of development,” he said.

He alleged that Modi had given 45,000 acre to a single industrialist, who was close to him, at the rate of Re 1 per meter.

“He has given land at throwaway prices. But if a common man goes to Gujarat government and asks for land at a cheap rate, he will be thrown out,” he said.

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