Burglars tunnel into jewellery shop, loot ornaments worth lakhs

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Around one kg of gold ornaments made away with

Burglars entered a jeweller’s shop in Ramamurthynagar by burrowing an eight-foot tunnel through a storm-water drain situated nearby and made away with gold ornaments worth several lakhs of rupees.

Rajgopal, the owner of Kairali Jewellery, who was out of town for three days returned to the shop on Tuesday and found a hole in the shop, and ornaments missing.

According to the police, Rajagopal had gone to Kerala.

It was a meticulously executed burglary, said a senior police officer, explaining that the burglars entered the shop through an opening in the storm-water drain connecting the shop. The distance between the opening and the shop is around eight feet and the burglars gained entry by digging a tunnel from the opening in the storm-water drain to the floor of the shop, he said.

Rajgopal said around one kg of gold ornaments were missing but silver ornaments were left untouched. Mr. Rajgopal had not kept cash in the store.

The store did not have a CCTV link, the police said, adding that two employees were being questioned.

Police suspect the burglars had scrutinised the area carefully before committing the deed. There could be at least two people involved in the burglary as one would have had to venture through the tunnel while another would have had to stand guard, the police said.

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