Poo Pallaki draws huge crowd

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Thousands of devotees thronged the Someshwara Temple at Ulsoor, where the traditional Poo Pallaki passed through the streets of Ulsoor and Jogu Palya.

The two giant peacock-shaped Poo Pallakis (flower palanquins) were drawn past 2 a.m., but devotees started trickling into Jogu Palya as early as Saturday evening. Traffic had been restricted on the busy roads. The carts returned to the temple by Sunday evening after being drawn around the area.

The two palanquins, carrying idols of Lord Someshwara and Goddess Kamakshi, were joined by at least half a dozen more temple cars decked with flowers coming from nearby temples. As many as 100 flower palanquins were also part of the utsav.

The festival, according to the tradition, signifies the marriage of the two deities. The Someshwara Temple of the Chola period was illuminated on the occasion and bustling with activity since Saturday morning.

Earlier, it used to take several hours for more than 100 flower vendors to painstakingly decorate the giant palanquins. Syed, a flower vendor, said that he had been involved in the floral decorations of the palanquins for the last decade. “We have used over 500 kg of flowers in over a dozen varieties and are still trying to make the decorations as colourful as possible,” he said.

Nasen P., a devotee, said: “We come here just to look at the intricate flower decorations and the procession.”

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