You will be rewarded for your ‘positive strokes’

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In order to encourage motorists to follow traffic rules, an NGO in association with the Bangalore City Traffic Police has launched an initiative to identify and reward road-users displaying good behaviour and traffic sense.

Launched on April 5, the initiative titled ‘Positive Strokes’ seeks to identify motorists displaying good traffic sense and reward them.

“The city has seen many awareness programmes to promote safe driving. But here is a unique approach to address the issue of road safety”, said Vrinda Bhaskar, Executive Trustee of the Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA), the NGO, which has teamed up with the Bangalore City Traffic Police.

As part of the programme, volunteers had been deputed at the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) of the Bangalore City Traffic Police where they watched the video wall that monitors traffic at over 160 junctions in the city and identified vehicles that were driven well.

“With the use of hi-tech TMC pan tilt zoom cameras, vehicle registration numbers, place and reasons for commendation were captured. This information will be analysed by the Bangalore City Traffic Police who will shortlist vehicles with a traffic rule violation-free record for a predetermined period of time,” the CMCA said in a statement.

As many as 200 motorists, who have been shortlisted, are being analysed by the traffic police to check whether they violated any traffic rule in the past six months. After the scrutiny, selected motorists will be presented the ‘Good Road-User’ sticker which they can display on their vehicles. In addition to that the shortlisted motorists will also be given a commendation letter from the CMCA and the Bangalore City Traffic Police, acknowledging their safe road behaviour, Ms. Vrinda said.

The CMCA is holding similar event at the Cauvery Junction on M.G. Road on Saturday where volunteers and police personnel will identify good road-users and present them with an award on the spot.

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