Govt not resorting to load-shedding: DKS

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Energy Minister D K Shivakumar on Tuesday said the government had neither resorted to load-shedding anywhere in the State nor was it planning to do it in the coming days.

Speaking to reporters after taking stock of the supply-demand situation of power, he said the State had excess availability of power against the demand. While the demand is 168 million units (MU), the supply is 208 MU. The current situation does not warrant load-shedding. Power utilities are cutting the supply in some places due to technical problems related to transmission, he said.

The government has taken necessary steps to ensure effective supply of power this summer. Water level in hydel reservoirs of the State are enough for generating power for the next 70 days. All units of the thermal power stations are functioning effectively. The government is currently supplying power 24/7 in urban areas and 18 hours (seven hours three phase and 11 hours single phase) in rural areas, he said.

Besides, the government has invoked Section 11 of the State Electricity Act, 2003, which empowers it to block the export of electricity by private companies under emergency circumstances. The government is getting an additional 650 mega watt of power as a result of this move. Another 450-odd mega watt is coming from the wind energy. Moreover, the demand for power for agricultural purposes has come down of late, he explained.

Asked about electricity supply companies seeking revision of the power tariff before the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission, the minister said the government will not interfere with the tariff revision.

Shivakumar, who has run into a controversy for his alleged statement in Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu during an election campaign that Karnataka had dropped the long-pending Mekedatu hydel project, said the project will be implemented keeping in mind the interests of both the states.

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