‘Modi trying to wash away his sins in Ganges’

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Bang campn Modi-Ap 8_2014-055

Bangalore: Charging BJP prime ministerial candidate with trying to wash away the sins of Gujarat in the Holy Ganges by contesting from Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh, All India Congress Committee General Secretary & Rajya Sabha MP B K Hariprasad on Saturday claimed Narendra Modi won his second-term following polarisation of voters post Godhra massacre and Gujarat riots.

Defending the party’s barrage against Modi for finally declaring his marital status, Hariprasad said the truth was always there, but only that no media house was ready to report on the fact back then.

On the conspicuous absence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from party’s election campaign, Hariprasad deflected the piquant poser stating no one was stopping Singh from campaigning. Stating that Singh had addressed a rally in Punjab and Delhi, he said, Singh had made it clear he will be retiring from active politics after the current elections.

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