Sharma accuses BJP of promoting personality cult

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Bangalore: Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma on Thursday accused the BJP of promoting personality cult through Narendra Modi and debunked the Gujarat model of development.

Addressing reporters, he alleged that Modi is not known to be democratic. “BJP is showcasing one individual as the repository of collective wisdom of billions of people. It is a dangerous practice of personality cult. He (Modi) is intolerant, arrogant and lacks national vision,” he alleged.

He alleged that the RSS is pushing for an authoritarian system undermining parliamentary democracy, and the real challenge is personality cult and the dangers of authoritarianism. Modi is nominated by the RSS.

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The BJP, which is RSS’ political front, has rubber-stamped this nomination, he alleged.
The union minister criticised the Gujarat model of development saying that the State is lagging on several development parameters. “Things are shown in such a way as though Narendra Modi has brought about revolutionary changes in Gujarat, and it will be replicated all over the country if voted to power.

Sharma charged the BJP with plagiarism and alleged that it had taken many points from the Congress manifesto and placed them in its own, by altering a few wordings.
To a question on Modi’s admission for the first time regarding his marital status, he sought to know why Modi had hidden this fact all these years and demanded an explanation.

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