Rajnath seeks Siddaramaiah’s apology for ‘murderer’ barb

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Bangalore: BJP national president Rajnath Singh on Wednesday demanded an apology from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for calling the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ‘ Narahanthaka’ (mass murderer).

“It is appalling that a person who holds a constitutional post can make such remarks about a person. The BJP demands that either he should apologise or the Election Commission (EC) should take harsh action against him,” he said.

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When his reaction on the chief minister’s reply to the EC notice’s was sought, that the adjective should be taken in the context of the Gujarat administration under Modi, Singh retorted, “Does that mean that the entire Gujarat administration was involved in mass murder? What are you saying?” Gratitude

He expressed gratitude to the EC for taking cognizance of the matter, and hoped that further action would be initiated against Siddaramaiah.

Singh said that the BJP will bring back the ‘lost glory’ of the IT sector in the country. “We rate Bangalore as the capital of IT sector. But under the UPA, the IT sector, known during Vajpayee government as the sunrise sector, has been brought down to being the sunset sector. We will ensure that the boom in the IT and telecommunications sector is restored,” he said.

After his tour of the State, Singh said that the BJP expects to win not less than 20 seats here.

He dismissed suggestions that the BJP was sidelining senior leaders. He said leaders like Lal Krishna Advani were a guiding force for the party and that Advani was a ‘father figure’ for the BJP.

“Both BJP and Modi cannot be seen in isolation. Modi is as much a part of BJP as any other leader, be it me, Arun Jaitley or Sushma Swaraj,” he said. On the statement by BJP leader Amit Shah on the Muzaffarnagar riots, he said that Shah’s remark was being misinterpreted.

When questioned about Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan’s statement on Kargil war, that India’s Muslims, not Hindus, were responsible for the country’s victory in the war, he said: “Such statements can only be made by parties which indulge in divisive politics. It is unfortunate that Khan made such a statement.
BJP goes beyond caste, creed or religion. It is a party which stands for secularism, while parties like Congress are synonymous with communalism.”

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