Ananthamurthy’s U-turn on ‘leaving country’

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New Delhi: Kannada writer Prof U R Ananthamurthy, who had stated that he would leave the country if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister, said on Monday that those remarks were made when he was “overcome by emotion” and clarified that he had no such plan, though he continues to oppose BJP.

“A few months ago, at a meeting in Bangalore, I was overcome by emotion and I said I will not live in a country where Modi is prime minister. That was too much to say, because I can’t go anywhere except India,” he said at an media interaction here.

He said that if Modi comes to power, it may result in a “shift in our civilisation.”

“I have a feeling that we may slowly lose our democratic rights or civil rights, when there is a bully. But much more than that, when there is a bully, we become cowards,” Ananthamurthy said.

He favoured a “supple” government, which can meet diverse demands, rather than a strong government which would impose homogeneity.

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