Youth attempts suicide in front of CM’s office

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BANGALORE, January 12, 2014, DHNS:

A 23-year-old forlorn youth tried to kill himself in front of the chief minister’s home office “Krishna” on Sunday after failing to meet Siddaramaiah apparently to seek solutions for himself and society.

Basavaraj, from Chitradurga district, was found in an unconscious condition by a passerby near Windsor Manor junction, off “Krishna” around 12:45 pm. He was rushed to hospital by police. The condition of the youth, who had consumed 20 sleeping pills, is said to be critical. He is being treated at the intensive care unit in Mallige Hospital. Police said doctors have kept him under observation for the next 24 hours as he was also suffering from other health complications.

A senior pollice officer at the jurisdictional High Grounds police station told Deccan Herald that some handwritten letters were found on Basavaraj. In a letter dated January 12, the youth had written that he had willingly donated his kidneys, eyes and other organs as he believed that “people are gods”.

Basavaraj allegedly tried to meet Chief Minister Siddaramaiah twice in December 2013. In a short letter dated December 7, he had stated that he has been ill since 2003 and has a debt of Rs 3 lakh. He had requested the chief minister to get him admitted to hospital and ensure him medical care.

Basavaraj had made similar claims while speaking to the media after consuming pills.

However, in another letter on December 2, 2013, he has urged Siddaramaiah to protect people from all the ills plaguing society, including illegal mining, dowry, rapists and graft. No mention is made of his illness nor does he seek any help.

“This is either a genuine case or he might have pulled this off to get attention,” the senior officer said. No case has been registered so far. Police are waiting for the youth to recover and tell his side of the story.

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