HDK for all-party meet to discuss naxal issue

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Bangalore, Dec 31, 2013, DHNS : Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, H D Kumaraswamy, has asked for an all-party meeting to be held to discuss the issue of pardoning naxals who had previously taken to arms in the State.

In a letter to the chief minister, Kumaraswamy has said that the first step towards integrating naxals back into society will be dropping charges against them and ensuring that there is a proper dialogue between the government and the naxals. He said the government must convene an all-party meeting to discuss the matter.

Sugarcane issue

The JD(S) leader criticised the government for not implementing the government order (GO) of giving Rs 2,500 per metric tonne (MT) for sugar cane in Southern Karnataka, ex-gate, and Rs 2,500 from Northern Karnataka, ex-field. He alleged that several sugar factories, including Shamanur Sugars and Siruguppa Sugars have been giving Rs 2,333 per MT after having discussed the matter with the deputy commissioner of Bellary. “With the Bellary DC also coming into the picture, it gives rise to speculation that the entire machinery of the system is not keen on implementing GOs issued by the State,” he said.

He said the government must ensure that farmers receive their dues at the earliest.

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