Karnataka polls: Will youth vote?

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Bangalore, April 11: Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 are slated on May 5, but youth across Bangalore, the IT-hub of India are not excited about forthcoming polls. Rather they are angry and disillusioned. Youngsters are the backbone of the city and their voting count a lot.Call it urban apathy or disillusionment, Bangalore youngsters are mostly reluctant to vote.

And, those who have decided to vote, they are unsure as whom to vote.Ashish CT, a 23-year-old IT professional told he was yet to decide whether he would vote or not.”Yes, I have Voter ID card. But, I am not sure whether to vote or not. I know each of us should exercise our voting rights to make democracy successful. But, I wonder which party to vote. Be it Congress, BJP or KJP, nobody is clear what kind of governance they are going to provide us,” rued Ashish.Similarly, Shruti P, a college-student and a first-time voter says she wants to vote.”Yes, I want to vote. But, I am also unclear whom to vote.

Let, all the political parties come up with their manifestos and I will decide based on it. But, it is also true, we want a party that can give us clean and corruption free government,” said Shruti.Clean and corruption free government is what everyone in Bangalore is asking for, as during the incumbent BJP government’s rule, Karnataka has witnessed large-scale scams.Because of large numbers of corruption scandals coming out in recent years in Karnataka, development in the state has suffered a lot, and Bangalore, the capital city has bear the brunt of it. (OneIndia News)

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