Jyothi wants to go back home

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Bangalore, November 30:  Jyothi Uday, the woman who was attacked at an ATM kiosk at Corporation Circle, was shifted out of the intensive care unit of BGS Global Hospitals 10 days after the attack.

She has now been shifted to a ward, where she will receive further treatment.

Doctors said they were now focussing on rehabilitation and orientation. “Ms. Jyothi is conscious, alert and speaking clearly. She had been completely paralysed on the right side but is now recovering. The neuro-surgical operation has helped and she is doing well with the recovery process,” said N.K. Venkataramana, chief neurosurgeon and vice-chairman, BGS Global Hospitals.

Faster than expected

Ms. Jyothi, who had been struck on the head with a machete, had sensation affected on the right hand and leg. Doctors said her legs were recovering faster than her hands. “We thought it could take up to six months, but at this rate, we expect her to recover in two or three months. Once she is able to take care of herself, she will be discharged,” they added.

They said that the pain had subsided considerably and apart from medication, the physiotherapy and rehabilitation was also being carried out. Besides the brain surgery, Ms. Jyothi also underwent surgery on her face for the bruises that had been inflicted on her. The attacker had struck her nose too.

Ms. Jyothi, who did not want to talk about the attack, told presspersons that she wanted to recover and get back home first.

Her husband, Uday, said that Ms. Jyothi was recuperating well. She is beginning to walk for short distances as she is still gaining balance on the right side, he added.

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