Azmatullah’s body brought to city, but his wife and child buried in Hyderabad

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bus fire

Bangalore, November 7:  The relatives of 35-year-old Azmatullah, who was charred to death in the bus accident along with his wife, Jabeen Taj, and five-year-old daughter, Uzma Sultana, were in a battle to claim the bodies of the deceased.

Azmatullah, Jabeen and Uzma had boarded the bus to Hyderabad to visit Jabeen’s ailing mother.

While Azmatullah’s cousin Ilyas Pasha and others were waiting to claim the bodies here in Bangalore, Jabeen’s parents in Hyderabad informed the family that they had already claimed the bodies and were not keen on shifting them to Bangalore. They asked the relatives here to travel to Hyderabad to participate in the funeral.

Azmathullah, who had taken a subcontract to manage parking in the city, was residing in Bapujinagar with his family.

His family members from the city had gone to Hyderabad soon after the accident for the identification and verification procedures following which they returned.

As Azmathullah and his side of the family were all settled in Bangalore, his relatives wanted him to be buried in the city. They expected that the bodies would come to the city, but Jabeen Taj and her daughter Uzma were buried in Hyderabad on Wednesday by her family.
Expected on Thursday

The two sides of the family have now decided that Azmatullah’s body will be brought to Bangalore and buried in the city.

The family expects his body to reach here on Thursday.

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