108 ambulance service to get 94 more vehicles

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Bangalore, Nov 1, 2013, DHNS : Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khader said on Friday that 94 new vehicles will be added to the existing fleet of ambulances operating under the 108 emergency services.

With the addition, the number of ambulance vehicles will touch 661. Besides, 150 new ambulance vehicles will replace the old ones among the existing 517. Addressing EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) staffmembers on the occasion of the 108 ambulance service completing five years of operation in the state, the minister said the government is working towards having one ambulance for every 70,000 population as mentioned in the revised 2013-14 budget.

Khader told both the EMRI and its staff to set aside their egos and serve the people in need. “The differences between the employer and the employees had caused affected the ambulances services in July-August.  Every time, the health minister was blamed for the crisis, I do not want this scenario to be repeated,” he remarked.

The minister said that the dispute between the staff and EMRI is before the Labour Commissioner and will be settled amicably in the coming days.  He advised the EMRI to settle the matter and address the problems of its employees, even if it affects its profit margin.

In the past five years, the 108 emergency services has served 25.2 lakh emergencies and saved 85,720 lives. As many as 29,626 babies, mainly in rural areas, were born in the 108 ambulance vehicles.

The emergency services which are available just a call away has catered to patients of accident and trauma, cardiac and respiratory problems, diabetes, stroke/convulsions in addition to cases of suicide attempts, poisoning, assault, animal attacks, building collapse and fire among others.

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