Now, an app to diagnose breast cancer

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Bangalore, Oct 24, 2013, DHNS: Students at J D Institute of Fashion Technology in the City have developed a mobile app that can help you to read up on and make an initial diagnosis of breast cancer, if any, and take steps to get it treated in time.

The app, available free of cost and compatible with all Android phones, has been developed in collaboration with HCG Hospital that specialises in cancer. As part of the breast cancer awareness month, the students held a photo exhibition here on Thursday, depicting pictures of women from various walks of life.

Kishore Ramachandran, a member of the faculty at the institute, said the app would be helpful in creating awareness about breast cancer, by providing updates about its causes, measures for prevention and also diagnosis.

“We are just trying to spread a message through this. Many a time, breast cancer goes untreated because of the inhibitions involved. People are too embarrassed to talk about it, especially those from the economically weaker sections.”

Khushboo, a student, said cancer was not restricted to a particular age or class. “It can happen to anyone above the age of 16. Women of all ages and classes can catch it,” she explained. “As a woman, this initiative made me stronger and informed to prevent the disease in my circle.”

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