Judiciary has interfered to save democracy: Advocate-General

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Tumkur, October 7:  As the legislature has forgotten to discharge its real duty, the judiciary has interfered to save democracy by giving the right to voters to reject all candidates in elections, according to Advocate-General Ravivarma Kumar.

After inaugurating a seminar on “The role of people in strengthening democracy” here on Sunday, Mr. Ravivarma Kumar said that the legislature has forgotten to frame laws for the benefit of the people and to fulfil the expectations of the people.

He said as the legislature has limited itself to just carrying out administrative action, a situation has come where the judiciary is framing laws.

He said that the active participation of the people is important for a successful democracy. Awareness among the people must be created everyday instead of once in five years, he said. He said that voters must use the right to reject in a proper way.

Similarly, he said, it will be dangerous to democracy if the voters develop a mentality of rejecting all candidates. The legislature must think about this matter, he added.

He said that the economic crisis in the U.S. is due to its aggressive nature which it has followed all these years. He expressed concern over the working style of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who, according to him, has the same aggressive nature.

Media advisor to Chief Minister Dinesh Ameenmattu launched a verbal attack on Mr. Modi saying that his development model was nothing but globalisation, communalism and being dictatorial. It is dangerous for a country if it starts achieving progress in these three areas, he said.

He said that industrialists have become strong and they have gained power to control governments. They speak only for their benefit, he added.

Legislator Rafeeq Ahmed and president of the People’s Union for Civil Liberty K. Dorairaju were present.

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