Bangalorean killed in Uttarkashi landslide

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DEHRADUN/Bangalore, October 1:  A Bangalorean was on Monday killed in an accident at Nalupani, in Uttarkashi district’s Dharasu area.

Maneesh Manjunath (25) was returning from an official visit to Gangotri when he was hit by a boulder.

According to Dinesh Kumar, station officer, Dharasu, Manjunath and Brij Mohan Sharma (22) had set out for Delhi in a car when their progress was blocked by a landslide, which had been triggered owing to continuous rainfall on September 29. Manjunath and the driver, Jaspal Singh, got out to clear their path. “A boulder hit Manjunath’s head while he was removing the boulders from the road to make way for his vehicle to cross the area. This resulted in instant death.”

“The driver got out safe,” Mr. Kumar added.

Mr. Sharma, who was in the car and was hit by a boulder too, has been referred to a hospital in Dehradun.

Manjunath was working with the Tata Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) University in New Delhi and went to Uttarakhand on a project a couple of days ago, his cousin Gautam said. “He called us yesterday to inform us that there were landslides in the region and that he would postpone his travel for today (Monday),” Mr. Gautam said.

The body is expected to arrive in Bangalore on Tuesday.

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