Janardhan Reddy’s PA Mehfuz goes berserk on court premises

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Mehfuz Ali Khan

BANGALORE, September 26:  Jailed mining baron G. Janardhan Reddy’s 29-year-old personal assistant Mehfuz Ali Khan went berserk outside the Special CBI Court here on Wednesday where he was produced by the Central Bureau of Investigation police.

He tore his clothes, scratched himself and threatened the CBI police he would complain to the judge that they assaulted him. Unfortunately for him, his CBI escorts recorded the entire scene on their mobile phones and showed the footage to the judge.

The trouble started when the escorts tried to get Khan to enter the police jeep. He refused to get in and demanded that he be taken in a car. He threw a fit and allegedly told the escorts that he was accustomed to travelling by helicopters and planes. When the police laughed off his demand, Khan started hurting himself and banged his head against the jeep. Censuring him severely upon seeing the footage, the CBI judge told Khan that if he did not mend his ways, he would never be granted bail.

How it started

The day’s proceedings commenced with the production of Khan, and alleged illegal ore transporters Kharapudi Mahesh and Swastik Nagaraj before the CBI court. The CBI police wanted their custody to interrogate them about their role in the transport of illicit ore from the Belekeri port by four export companies.

The court remanded the three in CBI custody until September 30 and broke for lunch. The CBI team stayed on as the anticipatory bail application of BJP MLA from Vijayanagar in Bellary and former Tourism Minister Anand Singh was to come up in the second half. It was during this time that Khan threw his tantrum.

When the court reconvened to hear the other matters, Khan sprung to his feet and complained to the judge that he had been tortured by the CBI police. However, by then the judge had already seen the footage and came down heavily on the accused.

The judge told him that he was now an accused and his helicopter-flying days were over. He also told Khan that the helicopter and other riches did not actually belong to him and were stolen from the people of the State.

He also blamed Khan and his associates for fomenting trouble in the City Civil Court complex that led to the March 2, 2012 clashes between journalists, lawyers and the police.

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