You need degree Certificate? Don’t worry; you can simply buy a certificate for Rs 5000 in Bangalore!!!

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 Sept 22: In most of the metropolitan cities in India, particularly in Bangalore you don’t have to do courses to get certificate. You can simply buy a certificate for Rs 5000 for almost all the degrees. In spite of police exposed a major racket in Manufacturing fake Bangalore University mark sheets and degree certificates recently, several smaller rackets are still running in Bangalore

These conmen are said to cater in a big way to applicants of ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) status in passports.“We have information of several racketeers manufacturing fake certificates. It is not difficult to catch them. But getting hold of a few blank certificates would not root them out. We have to get the printing press also and seize it. That’s often difficult,” said a police official.

This August the Tilaknagar police station seized scores of fake Bangalore University mark sheets and degree certificates and arrested six people. The printing press that was producing these genuine-looking documents was also seized. They found blank certificates and mark sheets for BA, BCom, LLB, MBA, BE, MBBS and BDS streams. What seemed to be most in demand were certificates for the MBA, hotel management diploma, BPharm and MPharm. The printing setup was simple, but they managed to print genuine looking Bangalore University certificates.
Passport officer Soumen Bagchi said their office does come across forged certificates and the incidence is particularly high among postal applications.“We cross-check with individual Universities as and when a doubt arises. It is impossible to get each university degree certificate verified as our resources are limited. But our staff is very familiar with Bangalore University emblems and signatures and chances of fake BU certificates passing for original are rare,” said Bagchi.
In case of a forged document, the application is rejected and the applicant is penalized. For first time offenders, the penalty is Rs 5,000. Second time offenders are liable to be imprisoned. According to sources in the police department, the fake certificate racket targets ECNR applicants. Except for a few countries, most do not allow foreigners without an ECNR stamp into their country.“The risk of being caught trying to get a job with a fake certificate in India is high because in case of a doubt the employers can at any point get it cross-checked.


  1. Hello,

    I have completed my B.Com. from EIILM University in June 2013. I want to get my provisional certificate and Degree for B.Com. Can you please advice how can i get these certificates and what are your charges if you can help me? I have contacted the EIILM University but nobody is responding to my mails. I am not sure if you can help me get my degree but i just wanted to check.

    My details are below and i am attaching my 3rd year marksheet

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  2. i had applied b com certificat from rahulbajaj150150@ gmai.com
    but unluckily he is a fraud.i lost 16000 pliz can anyone help me.thanks in advance

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  5. Hi
    Do you have a service to permit people to buy certificate on line? If yes answre me vai mail.

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