New navigation device to help you find your way around

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nngBANGALORE, September 4:  If you’re the kind of traveller who’s not content with smartphone maps, then a personal navigation device may be up your street. Still very much in its nascent stages, the navigation services and solutions market has new products on the block: personal navigation devices from Ayana Navigation Services.

The company has, in partnership with multinational corporation NNG, an automotive and personal navigation provider, launched two devices that it claims is tailor-made for the Indian market. Priced at around Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 17,000, the two 5-inch screen devices will be in the market from October.

The company already manufactures in-built navigation devices for Renault, Volkswagen and Tata Motors in India, said Peter Bolesza, vice-president for Eastern Europe and emerging markets at NNG. Conceding that the market was still in “very early stages” in India, he said that through this product, and a future release in the smartphone app segment, the company intends to capture 30 per cent to 40 per cent market share.

What’s on offer?

Is there really a market for these navigation devices given that most people use maps on their phone? Clearly, NNG and Ayana believe so. While the gadget interface is slick and easy to use, most of the features announced are those that are already offered by most mapping services. However, NNG claims the depth of features on offer and the quality of maps make the experience compelling.

The large amounts of map, traffic history and ‘points of interest’ data allows ‘intuitive navigation’, which means the system not only offers the best route but also responds to a driver slowing down or taking detours by offering alternatives.

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