Two girls ‘escape’ from kidnappers, police doubt their version

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kidnap-dramaBangalore, September 3:  Two girls aged nine and 10 studying in a city school allegedly managed to escape from the clutches of their kidnappers in Malleswaram on Monday.

The Malleswaram police, who have registered a complaint, however, said there were inconsistencies in the versions of the two girls.

The victims were admitted to hospital and later discharged after first aid. The nine-year-old told The Hindu that there was another young boy from their school who was also kidnapped. “They grabbed us and put us in a car and sedated us with chloroform. While I pretended like I was unconscious, my friend was unconscious. There were two other girls in the car tied with a rope.”

According to the police, a few minutes later when they regained consciousness, they found themselves in a Maruti van along with two more girls with their hands and legs tied. The girls, who noticed the kidnappers were talking to someone after parking their vehicle on the roadside in Subramanyapura, managed to escape. They claimed that they had to bite one of the kidnapper’s wrist when he tried to catch them. They managed to escape and rushed back to their aunt’s house and narrated the incident to their relatives, who informed the police. They were later taken to the hospital for treatment.

While the two girls claimed that the kidnappers who were in a vehicle pulled them and sedated them with chloroform, hospital authorities state that there was no trace of chloroform and even said that the girls were “rather lively”.

A police official, who is part of the investigation, said, “We are still investigating the case. However preliminary investigations show a lot of inconsistencies. But we will investigate further as if the accounts of the girls are true that two other girls are still in the custody of the kidnappers.”

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