Kalam stresses on use of data for scientific discovery

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KalamBangalore, August 26:Former president A P J Abdul Kalam on Monday said the computer revolution, which had created large volumes of data, was now driving new ideas and changes in computing.

“Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are causing the biggest explosion of data today,” he said, speaking at the silver jubilee international conference on ‘Computational and Data Intensive Science’ here.

“The energy meter at home, refrigerators, automobile parts, apparel, et al, have become part of the network. Google’s search revolution, GPS and map-assisted navigation have all started to come together to create what is now known as storage or data revolution. Data today is characterised by volume, velocity and variety. When we spoke about data before, it was always quantitative numbers. But today’s data has text, speech and video,” he said.

Stressing on the need to exploit information buried in massive datasets to drive scientific discovery, he said there is a need to develop an earthquake warning system to prevent disasters.

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