Drunk driver creates drama to evade police

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accident-policeBANGALORE: Mohan Kumar Muddappa, a realtor from Chickkakallasandra, near Padmanabhanagar, south Bangalore, was happily driving back home after downing few pegs on August 17.

To his shock, traffic police near Tyagarajanagar police station flagged down his car (KA-03-MQ.2664) near and asked him to blow the alcometer. It read 250 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of blood. (30 grams of alcohol for 100 grams of blood is permitted). Police issued a notice, asking Mohan to pay the fine in court and collect the car later. Mohan did not even have a driving license. Not willing to obey the law, Mohan decided to do something different. He called couple of TV channels, alleging that cash worth two lakh, kept inside his car, is missing.

Soon the TV crew reached the spot, interviewed Mohan, who again alleged that cash is missing. The news reached senior police officers and a departmental enquiry was ordered.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Mohan Kumar did not have the cash at all.

“He works with his brother and the car also belongs to his brother. We contacted his brother and he brushed away the possibilities of Mohan carrying the cash,” sources said.

Meanwhile, police asked Mohan from where he had taken the cash and for what purpose. “Then he broke and confessed saying he lied to derail the investigation. He thought that by blaming the police, he can get away with the car without being booked for driving under the influence of alcohol,” sources said.

Later, Mohan appeared before court and paid the fine. “He returned to the station and apologized for misleading us. He even made a written statement, accepting that he had lied in a bid to avoid punishment,” police said.

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