Cops arrest two murder accused

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Asha-nageshChannarayapatna (Hassan dist), Aug 21, 2013: Police have arrested a woman and her paramour for allegedly murdering her husband by strangling at Dodderi Kavalu village in Channarayapatna taluk, on Wednesday.

It is said the accused had allegedly strangled the victim using a towel and later burnt the body to destroy evidences.

Dhananjaya, resident of Dodderi Kavalu, Nuggehalli hobli is the victim. The two arrested are his wife Asha and her paramour Nagesh.

Addressing reporters, Superintendent of Police Ravi D C said that Asha had an extra-marital affair with Nagesh. When her husband objected their relationship, both hatched a plan and murdered him on August 2.

Dhananjay, who was a cook by profession is said to have deserted his first wife Anitha. After eight years, he married Asha, resident of Dobbspet, Bangalore. He was said to be an alcoholic and would frequently quarrel with Asha.

It is said that Asha befriended Nagesh five months ago, and started having an affair with him. Both eloped two months ago and were residing in Hubli for a while. They returned to their village recently, which sparked a quarrel between them and Dhananjay.

Irked over the same, Nagesh and Asha hatched a plan to murder Dhananjay.
On the fateful day, both Nagesh and Dhananjaya went on a drinking binge at Hirisave before returning home. Later, Asha and Nagesh strangled him using a towel, when he was asleep.

They shifted the body in a tractor and dumped it on the outskirts of the city and setting it ablaze.

They returned to the village and Asha pretended to be normal to avoid any suspicion. Later, both the accused stayed in Mysore for a few days and later shifted to Kolar, where they were eventually arrested.

The SP said that some more people are involved in the incident, and that they too would be arrested soon.

He also announced suitable reward to the cops who took part in the operation.

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