Kidney swap crosses religious boundaries

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UshaBangalore, August 6, 2013: Setting a rare precedent for religious tolerance, a Hindu woman and a Muslim woman donated their kidneys to save the lives of each other’s husbands in what proved a successful transplant last week.

Vishwanath Bhat, (53) was under dialysis for almost two years.  His wife, Usha, was very keen to donate one of her kidneys, but transplantation could not be carried out as their blood groups did not match.

Similarly, Abdul Khaleel, (60) was suffering from renal failure and was on dialysis for more than 18 months. He too was unable to receive a kidney from his willing wife Abida, due to incompatible blood group.

The families, who were acquainted with each other, learned the possibility of a swap transplant and approached Narayana Hrudayalaya. After relevant medical and legal procedures were cleared, the successful transplants were carried out on August 1, whereby Vishwanath Bhat received a kidney from Abida Khaleel and Abdul Khaleel received a kidney from Usha Bhat.

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