‘ If Yeddyurappa had ‘ adjusted’ with me he still would be CM!’ – Opposition leader HD Kumaraswamy bats for ‘adjustment politics’;

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BANGALORE: Opposition leader H D Kumarswamy appears to be regretting for “tarnishing” former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa’s image by releasing documents pertaining to latter’s alleged involvement in scams during his tenure as CM.

In his second attempt to speak on budget in the legislative assembly on Wednesday, which he did for four hours, Kumaraswamy minced no words that if Yeddyurappa had “adjusted” with him, he would not have been one responsible for pulling down the BJP government. “Had he (Yeddyurappa) taken me into confidence, he would not have occupied opposition benches. He could have completed the full term and also retained power now,” he said.


Hinting that he was not averse to aligning with Yeddyurappa headed Karnataka Janata Party (KJP), Kumaraswamy said: “Both could have continued in the power if Yeddyurappa had adjusted with me during JDS-BJP coalition. We have not gained anything, but the real beneficiary from our fight is Congress,” he maintained.

Maintaining that Congress came to power by default, the former CM appeared to be fed up with communal and secular ideologies. “These ideologies are just for political convenience. Instead of secular and communalisms, the parties should look at farmers welfare and delivering good administration ideology”, Kumaraswamy said.


Congress MLA K R Ramesh Kumar taunted the opposition leader stating had Kumaraswamy not fallen into the trap of too much advise from astrologers, JD(S) would have transferred power to BJP in 2007 and he (Kumaraswamy) would not have been sitting in the opposition benches. “Siddaramaiah has become CM without taking advise of the astrologers,” Kumar said.

Post lunch, Kumaraswamy made a U-turn post maintaining that his statement of adjustment politics should not be interpreted as a move to have seat adjustment of align with Yeddyurappa’s party. “I mentioned these relating to development of the state,” he clarified.

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