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Allan DSouza, Paladka

He is a Software Engineer from Moodbidri currently living in Kuwait. He likes to travel and post interesting things about technology. He is the designer of Kannadigaworld.com. You may follow him on FB at fb.com/alanpaladka


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    Pompanagouda Hiregoudar

    We r proud to be from chellagurki now. Hats off ashwini…..

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    truly an inspirational idol’s.People like you are not disabled , people like us are disabled because even though we have so many facilities our greediness cannot be fulfilled and we are such a lazy spoiled rats that we don’t think giving back something to the society , we always look out for opportunities to fulfill our greed.U guys really rock!!!!all the best for your endeavor.

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      ARJUN CP

      sorry to use the world disabled it should have been people with special needs.

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