Abu Dhabi: Sahebaan Community organises get-together for members

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Abu Dhabi: The Sahebaan Community hailing from the districts of DK and Udupi, organised a day long picnic for the community members at Al Wathba Park, Abu Dhabi on Friday 27th November 2015. The event turned out to be a grand success, with over 350 community members of all age groups and from all over UAE participating with great enthusiasm and enjoying the day which was filled with fun and games.

The members of the community enthusiastically assembled at the venue early in the morning and were treated to a hearty round of break fast and tea.

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The event began with Janab Suhail Kudroli welcoming all the community members. The Games were kick started by Janab Mohammed Asif. To ensure that each and every member takes active participation, all attendees were provided with colored bands thus grouping them into four teams based on the color Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. This inculcated Team spirit and networking amongst all the participants. To break the ice a warm up game of dodge ball was conducted for ladies and gents separately. All the games were played on points system and based on their performance the points were allocated. The group with the maximum accumulated points at the end of the day would be declared the winner.

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Various fun filled team games were conducted throughout the day for Gents such as passing the Ball, Passing the rope, T-Shirt passing and Tug of War, but the Star attraction was the Dizzy bat race which was played again by popular demand.

For ladies games such as Hoola Hoop, Passing the Ball, bursting the balloon, Quiz and Tug of War was conducted. The kids were segregated under two age groups i.e. 3 yrs – 7yrs & 8yrs – 13yrs. Various games such as three legged race, lemon and spoon, Musical Hoola Hoop, Sack race and running race was conducted. The games were thoroughly enjoyed by all with active participation and it turned out to be a memorable picnic.

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The entire picnic was efficiently planned and coordinated by Althaf M.S., Ajmal Ahmed, Mohammed Akram, Mohammed Hanif, Faizaan Khateeb, Saleem Sheik and Mohammed Yunus under the direction and guidance of Janab Siraj Ahmed, Mohammed Asif, Suhail Kudroli and and Yunus Sheik. Volunteers such as Amjad Khalife, Mohammed Iqbal, Mohammed Javid and Mohammed Azim aptly assisted Team Sahebaan in conducting the event.

The ladies events was planned and coordinated by Reena Althaf, Shamshad Sajid, Mrs Asmath Ara Ajmal, Shadman Zubair, Safia Hanif and Mubeena Rafiq under the guidance of Mrs. Samreen Suhail and Aneesa Yunus. The Kids events were managed by Anushka Yunus, Meenaz Nazir, Afroze Mustafa, Reeha Althaf and Aida Ajmal.

A sumptuous lunch was served by Indian Palace Restaurant (Sharjah), the morning breakfast was catered by M/s Spice land and the audio system was provided by Mr. Joel of Abu dhabi.

Prominent Sahebaan Community members such as Janab Abu Mohammed, Zubair Aziz, Rizwan Aziz, Mr. Zahiruddin, Mr. Mateen Ahmed and Mrs Dilshad Nissar Ahmed graced the occasion.


  1. Mashallah…very well organized and coordinated. Enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward for more such events. Well done Team Sahebaan.

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