Midnight visitor finds farmer more than a match for it

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Saturday night would surely be a memorable one for Vasudev Laxman Pawar. For, he not only survived an attack by a leopard, which strayed into their village but also managed to get himself a hero status after he managed to lock the big cat inside his house while evacuating his family members from there.

The high-adrenaline incident reported from Chikhale village in Khanapur taluk sent shock waves among the villagers, and officials are rushing teams from Mysore to capture the full-grown leopard.

Mr. Vasudev, the farmer injured in the attack, is being treated at the government hospital here for “deep wounds.” His condition was stated to be stable.

The drama unfolded around 12.30 a.m. when Mr. Vasudev heard dogs barking, and suspecting that something was wrong, he opened the door only to stare at the full-grown leopard.

“I was shocked. I did not know what to do!” a dazed Mr. Vasudev recalled. The intruder lunged at him and he ducked, but got a paw-hit on his hand leading to a deep gash.

The others in the house, Mr. Vasudev’s wife Devaki, daughter-in-law and his three grandchildren woke up to the ferocious growl of the leopard and the terrified shrieks of Mr. Vasudev.

“I kicked it, but it would not budge. I could only think of saving my grandchildren. Somehow I managed to drag the children and others out of the house,” recalls the brave man.

As they ran out, Ms. Devaki had the presence of mind to lock the doors of the house, as the leopard remained inside.

The family members then ran to the neighbours and narrated them the rather incredulous story. An ambulance was called in and Mr. Vasudev was rushed to the government hospital in Belgaum.

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