Accused destroyed key evidence in Karnataka Public Service Commission scam

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BANGALORE: Chief minister Siddaramaiah announced a CID investigation into the cash-for-post scandal in the selection to the Karnataka Public Service Commission a week after news of the scam hit the headlines. But that seems to have given the accused enough time to destroy vital documents and related papers.

Though the CID claims it seized vital documents during recent raids at 13 places, including the residences of former KPSC president Gonal Bhimappa and KPSC member Mangala Sridhar last Thursday, these may not help the investigators nail the culprits, sources told STOI. Further, most of the accused have prepared themselves to counter-attack the investigation.

“The scandal is a huge and old one. Little mistakes will derail the entire investigation, and the accused will go scot-free. What’s been seized is just the tip of the iceberg,” the sources told STOI.

According to investigating officials, they need time to recover more documents.

“The documents may run into terabytes. They are not just confined to the last exam. There’s a lot more than what has surfaced now,” the sources said. “This might be one of the state’s biggest scandals. Our fear is about the pace of the investigation, but we cannot increase it as it may harm the probe.”

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