Cane growers want their dues cleared

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MYSOREMandya, June 23;A group of sugarcane growers staged a protest outside State-owned Mysore Sugar Company Ltd. (Mysugar) here on Saturday demanding clearance of dues.

According to Mysugar Sugar Factory Sugarcane Growers’ Association leader Krishna, the factory was yet to pay for the sugarcane supplied in 2011–12 and 2012–13.

The protesters gathered outside the factory and shouted slogans against the management.

Sugarcane growers in most parts of the district depend on the factory for livelihood. However, the factory management had not cleared the payments because of corruption and differences within the management, a farm leader said.

“The growers had taken loans from various banks. They are now receiving notices for not clearing the loans. If the factory clears the dues, it will help growers to tide over financial problems,” he said.

The growers demanded that their dues be cleared by June 30, failing which they threatened to intensify their protests.

An officer at Mysugar said the factory would start the process of clearing dues shortly.

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