A life less ordinary

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tibetBangalore, June 18;Sachin’s “Inner Eye” has a certain sombre stillness, the stillness that comes from a practised lifestyle, a lifestyle that is largely possible only when one is cut off from worldly distractions. Such is the lifestyle of the Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe, which is one of the largest Buddhist settlements in South India. But it has its moments of colourful celebration, which Sachin captures in his latest exhibition at the Alliance Francaise.

He captures what appears to be a marching band blowing away at their instruments, a celebratory bonfire roaring furiously, a folk dance in progress, monks paying homage to a large tapestry of the Buddha. Some of his photographs of the children and the one with the three monks on the hill are also quite colourful and celebratory in their innocence.

“I like their principles, their way of life. They are peaceful people and I am attracted to that. The idea behind this exhibition, where I have showcased 16 photographs is to show their laid back life. They are not very social except among themselves and my pictures reflect that,” says Sachin, who has also captured their everyday rituals and prayers.

This is his fourth solo exhibition. He has previously exhibited his works in micro photography. The exhibition is part of his project to being out a coffee table book on the Tibetan settlement. “As a photographer, I take inspiration from the old generation photographers. When the audience sees a photograph, they must be able to be drawn to it for a while. I have tried to do that in my work.”

“Inner Eye” will be on view today at Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar. For details, contact 9886349811.

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