Suspected Dengue fever claims young lady’s life

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Mysore-Sumitra dengue death.13.06.2013

Mysore; June 13: It has been reported from Mysore that suspected dengue fever has claimed the life of young woman Sumitra, aged 22, wife of Dhadadhahalli resident Manju on June 13, Thursday.

Sources said that as deceased Sumitra was running high fever for the past two days, she was admitted in a private hospital but temperature has not subsidized. Simultaneously as suggested by the doctor, her blood test was conducted. Result of the blood test had done show that shortage of white blood corpuscles (WBC).

Accordingly, suspecting Dengue fever, doctor suggested to admit her in a hospital where more facility for Dengue fever treatment was available. On the basis of doctor’s advice ,when Sumitra was being taken for admission in hospital on Thursday, June 13 morning ,she breathed her last on  her way to hospital and it was suspected that her death was due to Dengue fever.She was survived by two children.

Earlier to this, it was reported that six people have died including one pregnant woman and children in Saalundi taluk due to Dengue and with the death of young Sumitra, people were  more worried and all in panic and apprehension.

Annoyed public, alleged that district commissioner’s office unnecessarily giving wrong information about the non-existence of dengue fever in the district and thereby it is misguiding the people, it says.

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