Soaring vegetable prices leave Mysoreans seething

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Soaring vegetable prices have left Mysoreans vexed. Prices have not come down for almost one-and-a-half months.

Less stock

Vendors say the lack of rainfall is to blame as it has made cultivation difficult. Owing to poor arrivals in the market, prices have gone up, said Dyavappa, a vendor from Mellahalli, who sells vegetables here. According to him, vendors too are not happy to quote higher prices but they have no other option.

A kg of beans costs Rs. 80 in prominent markets such as Devaraja, Mandi, and Vani Vilas. At one point, the price went up to Rs. 120 a kg. Carrot costs not less than Rs. 80 a kg.

The cost of ginger has gone up to Rs. 160 a kg in Mysore.

Afsar, who sells ginger at the Devaraja Market, said that it costs Rs. 220 in the Bangalore market.

Lalita, who sells lettuce, says she gets it from Shimoga and Bangalore. Lack of rainfall has dissuaded farmers from growing it in and around Mysore. A small bunch of coriander costs Rs. 20 now against Rs. 5 last month. She used to get coriander from Ganjam, Vaddarahalli, Pandavapura, Hosahundi villages and other areas around Mysore, she said.

“I have reduced the quantity of vegetables I buy,” said Saroja, a housewife in Chamarajapuram. In fact, she manages with small quantities from vendors who come to her apartment. She said that buying vegetables from shops was a nightmare as they sold it at two or three times over the market rate. Both farmers and customers were suffering, it was only the middlemen who were rejoicing, she said.

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