Lokayukta look-out for IPS freshers

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Lokayukta ADGP H N S Rao

Lokayukta ADGP H N S Rao

Taking a cue from the decision of chief minister Siddaramaiah to keep out tainted politicians from the cabinet, the Lokayukta police brass are keen on having young, direct IPS recruits for top and middle-level positions in the state’s anti-corruption watchdog. They are also keen on inducting young, lower-rank officers from the state services.

The idea behind this stress on youth is that the younger lot of officers will be more enthusiastic in taking on corrupt elements and will not be as susceptible to the lure of pelf. That is the sentiment reportedly conveyed in a letter sent to the new government on Tuesday by Lokayukta ADGP HNS Rao.

In the last one year, not a single young, direct IPS recruit has shown any inclination in a Lokayukta posting. As a result, promotees from the state services on the verge of retirement are occupying key positions in the institution.

In fact, in the recent past three DIG-rank officers had conveyed to the government their unwillingness to work in the Lokayukta, reportedly for fear of being targeted in the future by influential persons under the Lokayukta scanner.

The absence of a Lokayukta head was another factor dissuading young officers from joining. During his tenure, Justice Santosh Hedge was known to go out of his way to shield officers from attacks by vested interests. Following the resignation of Justice Shivraj V Patil in September 2011, there was a hiatus of 18 months till a new Lokayukta was appointed in February this year.

“Now things have changed. Justice Y Bhaskar Rao has become Lok Ayukta. He will take care of the officers working here,” a senior officer said.

“We have written a letter to the state government seeking fresh IPS officers to fill the vacant posts in the Lokayukta,” ADGP Rao told Bangalore Mirror. One of the factors behind the move of the Lokayukta police brass is the fact that there is now a stable government in Karnataka and there will be fewer impediments to the institution’s work.

According to sources, the letter opines that young, dynamic IPS officers will add weight to the Lokayukta’s fight against corruption.

“Post-probation, IPS officers will have a high level of commitment to work, and this young blood will be a plus point for us. Besides, senior officers will be there to guide them,” a senior Lokayukta officer said, adding, “When they come directly to the Lokayukta, they will be away from the kind of desires and distractions that come with other executive posts.”

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