10K marathon: Sandalwood runs for a cause

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Bangalore, may.19: The 10K marathon that took place in Bangalore today saw several celebrities from the Kannada film industry participating in it. Every year we see actors from Sandalwood participating in it. But this year several actors from the industry took part.


We had actors like Pooja Gandhi, Sharmiela Mandre, Aindrita Ray, Vinayak Joshi, dancer Madhuri Upadhya and model Shubra Aiyappa, among others participating in it. Actor Puneeth Rajkumar flagged the event.


The popular RJ-turned-actor Vinayak Joshi, who once weighed as much as 121 kgs lost about 42 kgs once he took up to running. And with the actor out of Bigg Boss home, Vinayak began his new diet by giving up salt and sugar. With the TCS 10 k marathon scheduled for today morning, the actor energetically signed for the marathon today and participated in it. He tweeted, “It was an awesome run. #tcs10k was a good come back run for the running season waiting in the second half of the year. Thank u all.”


Dancer Madhuri also tweeted saying, “Ran #TCS10K ,very surreal experience!!! Thanks to @rjvinayakjoshi for introducing me to the world of running.”

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