Bengaluru: ‘Kiss of love’ organisers to go ahead despite police ban

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Bengaluru: After the Bengaluru police rejected permission for the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign that was proposed for this Sunday, the organisers have decided to defy the police orders and go ahead with the event. The police had said that the protest would amount to allowing an indecent act in a public place. The initial organisers had faced threats from right-wing groups after which another group took over the event in Bengaluru.

Speaking to media, Organiser of ‘Kiss of Love’ said “We are going ahead with the event on Sunday, November 30. It should be a peaceful event. We are getting support from all walks of life.

We have informed police, but they have cited some technical reasons”.

Defending the campaign, which is scheduled to take place on MG road, he said “It is a peaceful protest against moral policing. Hundreds of people have registered. We believe it is about freedom of expression, freedom to protest. It is in line with the Constitution. It is a liberal democratic tradition. Police asked us to change the name of ‘Kiss of Love’. ‘Kiss of Love’ is not acceptable to them. But, who are the people to decide what is obscene?”.

Dismissing the comments that it is a cheap publicity event, he said “this is not a kissing contest but a solidarity event. But we can’t stop if someone kisses. We cannot dictate what to do and what not to do. We will be moral policing then. From our end, it will be a peaceful protest”.

Several right organizations have threatened to disrupt the event on Sunday. The Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi has warned these groups that no moral policing will be allowed or tolerated by them.

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