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    Its a nature dissaster. Bangaluru is just not used to such a kind of weather. Basically being a highly unplanned city with slums and Revenue pockets occuping most of the low lying areas., where there is not much of a solution when such a dissaster happens and also the Don`t Care attitudes by the concerned Authorities attribute to the issue. The case of water logging at the bridge near Kino theatre is the best example. The department should have taken necessary precautions when it happened once already. There no fun in taking photos of the particular place of water logging unless the concerned Administration understands the depth of the situation. To my knoweldge and belief a driver can always access the dept of the water flowing under the bridge from a far of distance., other then driving the vehicle to the water. The main drawback is that we people are too generous and keep accepting the owes as it comes to us. Is it not disheartening….?

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