BJP organizes ‘Sharvana dha Kesarinalli Kamala Koota’ for entertainment

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Kundapur Aug 25: Taking a day off from their busy schedule the locals of Kundapur region, arrived at the Jodukere slush field located at Althar in Yaddhady of Kundapur Taluk on August 24, Sunday.
Large number of enthusiasts came in large number to participate in the muddy games organized by Kundapur BJP and Kundapur BJP Yuva Morcha titled ‘Sharvana dha Kesarinalli Kamala Koota’ for the BJP activists and general public for entertainment.

The slush games were organized in the agriculture field near Althar Gautham Hegde’s house.

Former MLC Kota Srinivas Poojary, inaugurated the event and said that the slush games organized must be a preparation for the upcoming Gram Panchayath elections. The people participating in games must take oath to put Congress party in the slush.

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Criticizing state government, he also said that due to State government’s wrong decision on Epic made 60 lakh families in the state deprived of rations from September. Still state government is not bothered about their mistakes.
Participating as the chief guest, State Backward caste morcha secretary Siddesh said that, it is a good programme organized by a political party which experiences the value and feel of mud. Further, such kind of games must also be organized in other parts of Dakshina Kannada district too.

Former MLA Raghupathi Bhat, inaugurated the Volley Ball tournament. Shivaram Udupa, wished the programme to be successful.

The games like Tug-of-War, Kabbaddi, Volleyball, Human Pyramid, Slush race, lemon and spoon race, gunny bag race, treasure hunt, Lagori and other rural games. Apart from it, separate programmes were organized for girls and women. Huge number of participants happily danced in the slush fields to the DJ music at the end.

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Kundapur BJP block president Rajesh Cauvery, district Yuva Morcha predident Vilas Nayak, State Fisheries Development Corporation convener B Kishore Kumar, Taluk Panchayath member Manju Billawa, Saroja Poojary, District BJP secretary Malini Sathish, Vittal Poojary Irody, Rishiraj Shasthan, Kundapur Yuva Morcha president Shankar Ankadhakatte, Yashpal Suvarna, Shakti Kendra president Gautham Hegde, Srikanth, Ravindra Dodmane, Vittal Poojary, BJP leaders Gopal Kalinje, Vishak Shetty, Mahesh Poojary, Sundar Karkada, Gauri Poojary, Pradeep Shetty, Sudhir Shetty, Lakshman, Ramani Shetty, Sumith Bailoor, Vikas Puttur, Sudhakar Shetty and others were present.

Mandarthi Shakti Kendra president Gautham Hegde, welcomed the gathering. Dinesh Ganiga Kota compered the programme. Winners of various games were given memento in the valedictory event held in the evening.
Lunch Menu: People were treated to a rural food like porridge, pickle, dry prawn chutney, coriander leaves chutney and others.

The dignitaries were honoured with the hats made from areca leaves.

Pics By : Yogish Kumbhashi.

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