BJP Government provided more than Congress to the Agriculture & Irrigation sector; Capt Karnik

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Mangalore, May 01: Addressing the media reporters in the press meet held on May 1,Wednesday Capt.Ganesh Karnik ,MLC said in his speech that under BJP regime grant released to agricultural and other fields was more than budgeted money and higher than congress government’s grant.

According to the state’s statistical  figure provided by Karnataka government’s revenue department BJP government had kept 80% more provision for agricultural and irrigation than the congress government.

During congress rule, out of one rupee only four paise for agriculture and 6 paise for irrigation, a total of 10 paise was being given towards agriculture. Due to this agricultural output was dropped during congress regime but during BJP administration, farmers were happy because they were enjoying their agricultural output because of the facilities BJP government was extending. This trend itself shows how congress was concerned about the farmers, he added.

He further said that  congress used to utilize 19 paise for waiving loan and interest repayment, this is equal to 1/5 of state’s revenue but this has been reduced by BJP government to 11 paise, when compare this figure,42,1%  had come down drastically during BJP rule.

Besides in the educational field congress had spent 12 paise, where as BJP had spent 16 paise thereby BJP had reserved 33.33% more money on educational field.

Over all BJP governance had been well accepted and appreciated by almost all quarters during the past five years of rule.

Rajagopal Rai-Prominent member of district press club and journalism was present in the meet.

 Photo by: Navya Anekal

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