Ruling BJP has completely dampened the peace of Karnataka: Sonia Gandhi

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Mangalore, April 27: Addressing the mammoth congress workers rally at City’s Nehru Maidan on April 27, Saturday, Sonia charged that ruling BJP government in Karnataka had wrecked completely the peace of Karnataka people due to their insufficient/corrupt governance for the past five years of rule.

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She further said, it was her pleasure to be back here once again in beautiful, historical and panoramic Mangalore in connection with State assembly election campaign. The region has a reputation of being the birth place of several religious leaders, scholars, philosophers, philanthropists, industrialists, intellectuals and political leaders but had been marred/ tarnished grossly during BJP rule due to communal disturbances.

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Continuing her attack on BJP she said BJP has completely deceived the people of Karnataka by not fulfilling the mandate of the people. Besides she attacked the government on various fronts including the breakdown of law and order.

Commenting on illegal mining scam in Karnataka she said mining mafia has completely destroyed environment and alleged the government with serving only its “narrow and selfish political ends”.

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She further said once there was a time when business tycoons were vying to put up their industries/business and invest in Karnataka but now the trend is completely “reverse”. Now the investors are started taking ‘U’ turn and moving out of Karnataka because of rampant corruption, bureaucratic interferences, infrastructure issues, she said.

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Sonia in her address said that people must exercise their franchise for the party which can deliver only good governance, provide job, security and protection, but BJP had been always putting farmers and fishermen in distress, she alleged.

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Gandhi also said that the immediate need of the hour for the congress in the state, if it is elected to power,  is to bring back the past lost glory of “bright State” of the country. Congress will promise that Karnataka prospers, flourish and retain its image under congress governance, she added.

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She further said that prosperity of the state is assured only when there is a stable government and hence stability in Karnataka’s government is the need of the hour for Karnataka, she pointed

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Parameshwar,KPCC President while welcoming the guests and gathering said that BJP has given 30 lakh illegal BPL cards.BJP also promised to give rice for Rs.2/per kg but they did not keep up their promise.

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But if congress is elected to power, it will fulfil its assurance of giving rice for R.2/per Kg apart from giving subsidy of Rs.4/to the milk producers in the state, he added.

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Senior Indian National Congress leader and AICC General Secretary Oscar Fernandez, Congress leader Ambika Soni, Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry and former union minister B Janardhan Poojary and among others were present.

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