Chennai train bomb blast: D.K. Superintendent of Police says no connection between suspected culprit and explosion.

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Mangalore, May 3rd: “The suspected person in the Chennai bomb blast case belongs to West Bengal and he is not the culprit but just a traveller,” said Sharanappa adding that he had evidence in that matter.

Chennai police had arrested a person in the compartment which exploded, he was held for questioning. It was learnt that, this person got into the train on April 29th from Nettanna railway station which is near Subhramanya in D.K. district with a tatkal ticket giving a Kerala mobile number and a West Bengal state residential address.

After the explosion Chennai police arrested about 10 people and were held for inquiry. Among them was the person who travelled from Subhramanya.  It is being said he was travelling in a masked fashion in the train.

This person got down at Bangalore and from Bangalore took a train to Guwahati, he had by means of website reserved a tatkal ticket. The D.K. police conducted an inquiry in Subhramanya by which they say he was just a traveller and has no connection to the explosion.

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