We are for Modi, Praja Prabhutva Vedike will fight for many other social evils: Mahesh Shetty

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Mangalore, Apr 15: Praja Prabhutva Vedike will fight for many other social evils, it won’t be limited to only one case even though it was started for Sowjanya case,” said Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi, president of Praja Prabhutva Vedike (PPV).



Addressing a press meet here on Tuesday April 15, Thimarodi who had led the movement for justice in the Sowjanya rape and murder case said, “Praja Prabhutva Vedike will support BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi in this election. We believe in his approach and administration. I give my full support to Modi, but I will not join any political party. We have not sold ourselves to any of the political parties. Our country needs an efficient PM like Narendra Modi, hence after holding consultations with the activists and leaders of Praja Prabhuthva Vedike, we have come to this decision,” he added to his statement.



“Our decision is being supported by many Christians and Muslims who are in our Vedike. This is a democracy and we have the right to choose any party. I do not have any confidence in this CBI report. We will file a PIL in the Supreme Court for a CBI inquiry under the supervision of Supreme Court. Presently, we are arranging documents to move the PIL,” he said.

“Sowjanya’s case was not specified by State government to CBI”



Mahesh Shetty informed that, “The congress Govt. of Karnatak did not hand over Sowjanya’s case to CBI. The officers of a special investigation team who visited Dharmasthala, Ujire and Subramanya saw posters and hoardings of Sowjanya and collected information about the movement for justice. When they further enquired they got to know that the files related to the case were lying at CM’s office and it was not handed over to CBI. Thereafter they wrote a letter to the state government to hand over the case to the CBI.”



On this occasion Santhosh Kumar, Pramod Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Sukesh D, Satish, Preetam Shetty, Sandeep Shetty, and Sukeerthi were present.

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