Campaign for Modi by his look alike

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Mangalore, April 14: People moving in and around Kadri Park were abruptly shocked to see the Prime Ministerial candidate walking around freely campaigning for the elections. But they later realized that he was a look alike, when they walked up to this man and clarified their doubts.


Vasanth Prabhu (62), who looks alike Modi, is currently working as the Quality Manager in hallmarking and assign center at Mahalakshmi complex. Prabhu’s son Venkat who is currently employed as an accounts head with a private firm made this discovery of lookalike.

“I told my dad that let him dress as Modi during Modi’s rally. He did this and was appreciated by public, he has now started going around campaigning for the party and also the PM candidate” says Venkat.


Vasanth Prabhu shared his views saying that, “I have seen governments but I personally feel that we are being made slaves. For the past 60 years the country has been facing lots of problems. We need a leader to address these issues with concrete solution and I feel Modi is the right man. The domestic gas which was once at Rs 105 to Rs 135 is now coming at the doors of Rs 600 which is shocking. The Congress government has denied essentials to people. The government must empower people and not give reservations. I feel Modi will empower people to have a good living”.

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I consider it as my duty to campaign for the person who believes nation first. I have started going around the city and I feel extremely happy to dress like Modi and go around campaign he added.

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