Lok Sabha Elections after 5 days, what will be the fate of Dakshina Kannada and Netravati?

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Mangalore, April 12: Netravati is a major source of water for the people of Dakshina Kannada. The river which flows from Western Ghats, takes its birth in a place called Bangarupalke of Belthangadi taluk. It produces plenty of water and electricity, but the fact which surprises us is that the people living around the watercourse do not have sufficient water and electricity to consume.

Water problem in summer is a common scene and drinking water is a major issue in all the surrounding villages. The Yettinahole project is causing uneasiness amongst the people. In between all these subjects politicians come here asking for votes.

The first question faced by the politicians every time they visit is, “what are you going to do about Netravati?” People here are less bothered about ‘Modi effect’ or ‘Rahul effect’, they are more bothered about ‘water effect’. Various groups established towards Netravati issue are motivating people to vote for that politician who would avoid the deviation of the river.

There is a tough completion between Congress candidate Janardhana Poojari and BJP candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel even though there are 14 other candidates in the field. Poojari will bat on the sympathy effect of defeat in preceding four elections, while Nalin Kumar will bat on Modi effect.

Poojari has decided to get back Dakshina kannada into the hold of Congress, he is campaigning very actively irrespective of his age. Even though he is 76 years old, his actions are young and energetic. Poojari is in full control of his controversial statements.

BJP has had a major stand in the 6 LS elections after 1991, they are deep into promotion this year. In the last LS election, Nalin Kumar had won by 40000 votes against Janardhana Poojari. He is confident of his win even this time. People want Modi to form a Govt. in central so they are planning to vote for Nalin, it is learnt.

CPM, JDS, SDPI are some of the other parties who are into LS elections. Leaving back BJP and Congress they are promoting their independent parties with new strategies for the coming elections.

M.R. Vasudev, DK candidate for AAP is campaigning with the aam aadmi strategy. In a short span he has made himself famous amongst the people, but lack of party members is a major drawback that AAP is facing.

Teething troubles

An election boycott is threatened by some people on account of local problems and issues. Arresting innocent people in Ullala during a recent conflict between two groups has led to a call for poll abstention.

In Dakshina Kannada district the following episodes namely Saujanya murder case, excessive policing during the Congress rule, endosulfan casualties, arecanut debacle, people residing in western ghats are afraid of Kasturi Rangan report, fear of wild animal coming to suburban areas, naxalite problem, house possession rights not given and problems on account of this.

District residents have been crying rough against Niddodi electrical generating station and PCRP (petroleum, chemicals and petrochemicals, investment region) projects.

Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, both have organized rallies in Dakshina Kannada and instilled hope in the hearts of their followers. The party members are undertaking door to door canvassing even after sunset. All party members of BJP, Congress, AAP, JDS, CPM and SDPI are working like hungry animals. Nothing else bothers when the hunger for victory is the main concern.

The need of the hour is getting things back to track, lot of issues are unsettled and unseen. It is our responsibility to select the right person who will do the right job.

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